A & G Producers' Favorite Debates of 2014

Here's each producer with their favorite debate from all the shows we did in 2014.

Kevin Brody

“There’s no such thing as 'perfect' in the world…BUT there is being SO BORED you transcend to a level of love where you say, 'No seriously, what happened when you were six?'” – John-Michael Bond for Marriage

“I want my husband to be so excited to marry me the priest is holding him back from going down on me as I walk down the aisle.  I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I’ve never seen that, ya know?” – Megan Gailey for Freedom

I’m neither married AND WHO AMONG US IS TRULY FREE(?!) but my favorite debate of the year was the kickoff debate of our Comedy Expo show, “Marriage vs. Freedom” featuring John Michael Bond (Atlanta) and Megan Gailey (New York).  As insightful as it was dirty, this debate answers the difficult questions facing young Americans today: How soon will my pets eat me if I die alone?  Do I have HPV? (Yes).  It was an absolute pleasure to have Megan Gailey return after her move to New York and John-Michael Bond was outstanding in his first A&G podcast appearance.  So fun.  Also, see if you can count how many distinct laughs you recognize from the crowd.  You’ll win nothing but joy (the greatest prize).  I got 6 (I am alone)!

Kevin White

“My opponent is a professional wrestler… And he’s wearing pants, yeah! He’s not wearing Zubaz and a fanny pack! And not, NOT… One mullet hair to be found.” – Marty DeRosa for Comedy

“I work out two hours a day, I tan, I groom myself, I watch my diet, I spend money on supplements - There is a whole lot of daily preparation that I need just in one day… Stand ups? You gotta walk around and hope shit happens.” – Colt Cabana for Wrestling

Watching professional wrestler Colt Cabana beat local favorite Marty DeRosa at his own game was definitely one of my highlights of the year. Marty & Colt have been friends for a long time and worked on several projects together over the years ($5 Wrestling, Worst Promo Ever), but never have they been in direct competition with each other. Marty is great as always, but Colt DECIMATES. Not only was it a blast to watch these two friends take pot shots at each other’s chosen professions, but I’m pretty sure this heated debate completely ruined their friendship. In the end, that’s what Arguments & Grievances is all about: Burning bridges. 

Zach Peterson

“”Martin Luther King Jr. He did not give a fuck that usually people hate when you talk about your dreams.” Alison Stevenson

“The August 6th 2001 CIA daily briefing read, “Bin Laden Determined to strike in the US” No one gave a fuck.” -James Fritz

“Zu-baz” - James Fritz

It is not easy to pick a favorite debate of 2014, but for sure my favorite experience was going to The Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles. It was also not easy to pick a favorite debate from that show, because every single one was absolutely incredible. But if I was to write an article picking a favorite, I would have to choose James “Hollywood” Fritz and Alison Stevenson. Alison starts the debate letting us know that is is better for us to excel at mobile games than it is to care about what people are posting on Facebook or people’s opinion of Facebook itself. Then James starts his debate with a 9/11 joke and then dispelling the virtues of Seth Mcfarlane. Essentially he wants us to know that apathy is not for him, and he says Zu-baz in a funny way. Both are phenomenal and in the end Alison wins despite James’ portrayal as a character named Millennial Jimmy, who sort of dances. I think Alison swayed the crowd with her short and sweet second round where she only told two jokes, one being the joke of the night. "Martin Luther King Jr. He did not give a fuck that usually people hate when you talk about your dreams.” 

Goodrich Gevaart

“Glen Bell had a dream...that diarrhea...it wasn't just for Mexicans...it’s for white people too.” - Allen Strickland Williams

“He’s literally eating inside a box! You’re going to vote for him because he’s going to give you free tacos. You FUCKING SHEEP.” Megan Koester

“I think I agree with the witch” - Allen Strickland Williams

Crom Fest in Omaha was the first festival to let our little debate show come and peddle our argumentative wares. It’s a fest we all love and it was a treat to spend a very hungover Sunday afternoon at a bar somewhere in downtown Omaha.  The people we got to do it were some of our first “gets” in terms of bigger comics participating in our show, Ben Kronberg, Dave Ross, Bryan Cook were all on this show but my favorite was the debate between two comics from the City of Angels and Kat Von D, Megan Koester & Allen Strickland Williams. They juxtaposing styles made for such an entertaining debate. Megan rails into our culture of mediocrity, name drops Kierkegaard & Goldman, and makes sure we know where she stands on certain other comedian’s late night talk shows. Allen, on the other hand takes the stance of a laid back dude who loves to eat tacos on the cheap. I loved this debate and you can tell because apparently the recorder was right next to me. You can hear my dumb laugh through the whole thing.

Kevin BrodyComment